What is stronger than lortab 10 500
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lortab10 is stronger than 5. The second set of #s refer to the amount of acetaminophen

Best Answer: Tylox is oxycodone/APAP, and if you're looking for the name brand, Percocet is probably more common. They're the same drug. In the US, they're .

lortab or percocet? Pain . i was just wondering. .. is percocet any stronger than lortab in helping with pain mngmnt. ive been taking lortab 10 for about 2 yrs .

Is hydrocodone 10/500 stronger than hydrocodone/lortab 10/650? Pretty much the same thing with a different amount of tylenol. Neither is 'stronger'.

Best Answer: Sorry but that is wrong about that loratabs are only 5mg. I'm looking at a bottle of 10/500 right now. 5 mg is What is stronger than lortab 10 500 vicodin. Norco is a brand name for .

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Best Answer: It all has to do with how much of the narcotic they put in it. The 5/500 What is stronger than lortab 10 500 is the weakest dose you can get. The 10/325 is in a higher rank, for .

Whitch is stronger, hydrocodone 10 500 T or m363 ? - A friend of mine tells me that 10 500 's are stronger than m363's. should i trust him and ask my dr. to change my .

Best Answer: the hydrocodone in the lortab is stronger than the codeine in tylenol. Go to drugs.com and check it out. . lortab is deff stronger What is stronger than lortab 10 500 tylenol 3 is just .

Is tylenol with codeine #3 stronger than lortab 10/500 no , the streg of opioids in pills kinda goes like this ,

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